Iveco Astra  依维柯阿斯特

Iveco Astra 依维柯阿斯特

ASTRA是一家成立于1946年的私人公司,自1986年以来一直由IVECO拥有。凭借其丰富的经验和广泛而全面的重型民用车辆和军用产品,ASTRA今天代表了采石场和矿业运输部门的一个重要页面, 这是最困难和最艰巨的工作。


建筑公司已经找到了对他们在ASTRA中的要求的正确反应。 使用由高度专业化的工作人员操作的最先进的技术以及多年的研究所获得的经验导致了高技术质量的产品的开发。 ASTRA是世界上强度,耐用性和多功能性的代名词。 ASTRA的发展一直致力于最大化客户满意度。 世界上数以万计的ASTRA车辆被用于最有雄心的项目,客户可以依靠大多数国家的销售和支持结构。

is a private company founded in 1946 owned by IVECO since 1986. With its vast experience and its wide and complete range of heavy-duty civilian vehicles and military products, ASTRA today represents an important page in history of the quarry and mining transport sector and this most difficult and demanding work. 

Construction companies have found the right response to their requirements in ASTRA. The use of state-of-the-art technology operated by highly-specialized staff along with the experience gained in years of research have led to the development of products of a high technological quality. ASTRA is synonymous with strength, durability and versatility the world over. ASTRA’s growth has always been directed towards maximum Client satisfaction. Tens of thousands of ASTRA vehicles across the world are being used in the most ambitious projects and clients can count on the presence of a sales and support structure available in most countries.

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