Gilera是意大利制造摩托车的公司,属于Piaggio集团的一部分。 它是最旧的意大利摩托车工厂从1909年仍然运作。


经过多年的成功和中断,由于战争,1969年11月23日Gilera由比亚乔集团,它进行了全方位的重大投资,特别是重点在越野活动已经带来的声望,这家位于伦巴第的房子 。 125 cc双十字是最有名的例子。





Gilera is an Italian company manufacturing  motorcycles that  is part of the Piaggio Group. It is the oldest Italian motorcycle factory still operating since 1909.


After years of success and interruptions due to the wars,  on 23rd November 1969 Gilera was bought by  Piaggio Group, which carried out significant investments on the full range, especially focused on off-road activities that had already brought prestige to this house located in Lombardy. The 125 cc Twin Cross is the most famous example.


In the eighties and nineties Gilera designs motorcycles with futuristic new 4-stroke engines and diversifies the production introducing a range of sport scooters like the well-known Gilera Runner.


Since then Gilera has produced sport scooters  as is in the style and history of this brand.

Marking technology used


最常用的是在后标记侵入性工作过程(例如油漆)的情况下用于深永久标记的点针技术。 点阵系统的标准型号结合速度和深度,允许在长的生产链中向用户进行识别和产品跟踪。


The great variety of components that Gilera marks on its motocycles requires the use of different technologies.


Mostly  used are the dot peen technologies for deep permanent markings  in case of  post-marking invasive working processes  (eg. painting). Standard models of dot peen systems combine speed and depth, allowing the identification and the product tracking in the long production chain up to the user.


For the check or control evidence markings , so important in the industrial phases, or for quick marking of serial numbers on components to identify individually is used the traditional mechanic technology.