Gas Gas 西班牙的机车制造商

Gas Gas 西班牙的机车制造商

Pure enduro 纯复古


Gas Gas Motos是西班牙摩托车试验的制造商,自行车,耐力赛,摩托车越野赛和四人赛,他们的名声开始于世界冠军试验的参与和成功。


作为意大利公司SWM的进口商,该公司于1985年创建了第一辆摩托车Halley 327.该公司总部位于Salt(Girona),将其生产扩展到摩托车越野赛,耐力赛和超级摩托车的车型,最后建造 四轮四轮车。


在2014年,Ossa和Gas Gas加入了利用这种结合的协同作用,然而这两个品牌分离。

Gas Gas Motos is a Spanish manufacturer of motorcycle trials bike, enduro, motocross and quad, whose fame began with the participation and success at the world championships trials. 

As an importer of the Italian Company SWM, in 1985 the company created its first motorcycle Halley 327. With headquarter in Salt (Girona) it has expanded its production also to models for the motocross, for the enduro and supermotard, finally with the construction of quadricycle quad.
In 2014 Ossa and Gas Gas have joined exploiting the synergies of this marriage that has kept however the two brands separate.



Marking technology used

你标记的四边形或试用版是什么? 一切! 因为标记是可追溯性; 标记是保证; 标记是品牌的价值。


Gas Gas公司选择了喷丸技术,用于直接打标,不侵权和永久。





What do you mark of a quad or a trial? Everything ! Because marking is traceability; marking is guarantee; marking is value of the brand.
Gas Gas has chosen the dot peen technology, for a direct marking on the piece, non-infringement and permanent.

The head is equipped with a pneumatic pin hat moves on the XY axes to form the message to be marked.

The controller is of the latest generation, up to date with the needs of the actual industrial branch, requiring a constant dialogue between the various phases of work and the  traceability of the piece tested.