Fiat Professional   菲亚特轻型商用车

Fiat Professional 菲亚特轻型商用车



FCA品牌的商用车合作伙伴公司,大和小,与一系列车辆定制建成满足全方位的工作需要。 Ducato,Scudo,DoblòCargo,Fiorino,Strada和构成菲亚特专业系列的所有范围的厢式车多年来一直支持企业成长。

For Fiat Professional, taking care of customers also means designing and building the right vehicles to meet their professional ambitions.

The FCA brand for commercial vehicles partners companies, both large and small, with a range of vehicles custom built to meet the full spectrum of working needs. Ducato, Scudo, Doblò Cargo, Fiorino, Strada and the entire range of vans making up the Fiat Professional range have been there over the years to support businesses as they grow.

Marking technology used

Fiat Professional在其卡车上标记的各种部件需要使用不同的技术。

最常用的是用于深度标记的点针技术,其在标记之后的处理的情况下也是永久的(例如,绘画)。 Dot Peen标准系统模型结合速度和深度,允许识别和跟踪产品,在用户的长期生产链中。


The variety of the components marked by Fiat Professional on their trucks requires the use of different technologies.

Mostly used are the dot peen technologies for deep markings that are permanent also in case of processings after marking (eg. painting). Dot peen standard systems models combine speed and  depth, allowing the identification and the tracking of the product, in the long productive chain up to the user.

The traditional mechanical technology is used for the check or control evidence markings, so important in the industrial phases, or for fast markings of serial numbers on components to be identified individually.