DERBI 德比老牌机车

DERBI 德比老牌机车






Diablo 80 CXS,Variant Caballero,两款新款enduro CX Jumbo和TT8,运动滑板车Predator是90年代最受欢迎的车型,直到2003年 - 变化年 - 引进一个新品牌的制造商和两个授予 自行车:Senda Black Edition,限量版,在此之前售出。 1,并且新的GPR 50 Nude Look赢得了设计奖MDA


2006年Mulhacen 659的展示带来了新的Derbi,在比亚乔的指导下,在中高位移领域。 is a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, whose origins date back to 1922, that is part of the Piaggio Group since 2001.


After an initial strong productivity growth in the fifties, the 70s were the most important for Derbi in the road sector, with the creation of the bike racing Carreras, air-cooled and with 6-speed transmissions, capable of great speed.


Diablo 80 CXS, Variant Caballero, two new enduro CX Jumbo and TT8, the sports scooter Predator are some of the most popular models in the nineties, up to 2003 - year of change - with the introduction of a new brand for manufacturer and two awarded  bikes: the Senda Black Edition, limited edition, which was sold out before that copy. 1 was produced, and the new GPR 50 Nude Look won the design award MDA


The presentation of the Mulhacen 659 in 2006 brought the new Derbi, under the guidance of Piaggio , in the field of medium-high displacements.

Marking technology used


德比依靠点阵机的技术; 一种技术诞生于八十年代,提高了系统管理的软件潜力。



In the motorcycles field, as in the automotive one, marking is an integral part of the production and trade process.

The Derby has relied on the technology of the dot peen machines; a technology born in the eighties that improved in the software potential of the systems management.

If the head provides a pneumatic pin that moves along the XY axes to form the message to be marked, the controller offers a high-performance software, ready for the integration and data exchange with the present management systems. 

This, depending on the need to track and trace the product and all its components to give the guarantee to the end user, helping to build the "good name" of the brand.