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Comau 柯马




凭借在汽车行业的悠久历史,我们不断发展壮大,今天,我们将我们的技术和专业知识应用于各种行业和应用:工业自动化,车身焊接,加工和机械装配系统以及广泛的产品 的工业机器人和服务。


Comau的国际网络遍布15个国家,在全球拥有25个办事处和15个制造基地。 我们的成功来自于通过应用关键技术超越客户的需求和期望的明确目标。 由于我们提供最先进,量身定制的解决方案和本地化支持,我们作为合作伙伴帮助客户获得竞争优势。

Comau has 40 years of experience in advanced manufacturing systems and it is leading the global market in sustainable automation and service solutions.


With a strong history in the automotive industry, we have continued to grow, and today we put our skills and know-how to the test in a range of industries and applications: industrial automation, body welding, machiningand mechanical assembly systems and a broad offering of industrial robots and services.


Comau's international network spans 15 countries with 25 offices and 15 manufacturing site worldwide. Our success stems from the clear goal of exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients through the application of key technologies. Because we offer the most advanced, tailor-made solutions and localized support, we act as a partner helping customers gain a competitive advantage.​​​

Marking technology used




冲击技术 - 对于平面,即使在整饰完成后,仍能获得深度可读的标记。



滚压技术 - 对于圆形表面,具有快速和深的标记,此外没有任何可选轴。



点针技术 - 对于每种类型的表面,标记数据接口到工业跟踪系统。 标记成为可追溯性的主要支持,贯穿整个生产操作的长链,直到最终用户。


激光技术 - 对于每种类型的金属,具有对比色的标记用于工业代码,容易辨认,集中在非常小的区域中的许多单件的识别数据。

Comau has made use of all the technologies in the field, for the identification of all the components, sensing immediately the help that the marking could give warranty and originality of the brand.

Impact technology - for the flat surfaces, obtaining a deep and readable marking even after the finishing of the piece.

Roll technology   - for round surfaces, with markings fast and deep, without any optional axes in addition.

Dot technology - for each type of surface, with markings data  interfaced to industrial tracking systems. Marking becomes the main support to traceability,  throughout the long chain of production operations up to the final user. 

Laser technology - for each type of metal, with markings in contrast color for industrial codes, easily legible, that concentrate in a very small area many identification data of the single piece.