Case Construction 凯斯建筑

Case Construction 凯斯建筑



后来,该公司获得了全球公认的第一个农用蒸汽机的建设者,最终成为世界上最大的蒸汽机制造商。 到1912年,Case在建筑设备行业成为道路建设设备的制造商,如蒸汽滚筒和道路平地机。


该公司通过几次收购建立了其建筑设备业务,从美国拖拉机公司在1957年开始。到20世纪90年代中期,凯斯已经扩大到成为世界领先的轻型到中型建筑设备制造商。 1999年,Case与New Holland合并成为CNH Global,营销了几个世界领先的建筑和农业设备品牌。

Inventor Jerome Increase Case founded Case in Racine in 1842 to build threshing machines.


Later, the company gained global recognition as the first builder of steam engines for agricultural use, eventually becoming the world's largest maker of steam engines. By 1912, Case had established itself in the construction equipment industry as a manufacturer of road-building equipment, such as steam rollers and road graders.


The company built its construction equipment business through several acquisitions, starting with American Tractor Corporation in 1957. By the mid-1990s, Case had expanded to become the world's leading manufacturer of light- to medium-sized construction equipment. In 1999, Case merged with New Holland to become CNH Global, marketing several of the world's leading brands of construction and agricultural equipment.

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