Shoe maker and shops 鞋子制造和 商店

作为第一个批量生产的鞋子之一,Batovka以其简单,风格和重量着称。 它的皮革和帆布的创新组合 - 在全皮鞋是常规的时候,允许Bata以无与伦比的价格提供高品质的鞋。 它像火箭一样起飞。 


ONE OF THE FIRST MASS-PRODUCED SHOES, the Batovka was notable for its simplicity, style, and light weight. Its innovative combination of leather and canvas – at a time when all-leather footwear was the norm – allowed Bata to offer a top-quality shoe at an unbeatable price. It took off like a rocket.                                                    

For more than 13 decades, Bata has been on the leading edge of footwear design. Today, professionals in Bata’s Shoe Innovation Centres around the world continue to dedicate themselves to discovering new shoe materials, developing advanced technologies, and creating fresh styles that blend fashion with comfort. 

Marking technology used

由于温度,时间和压力的恒定设置,我们能够通过在本机上打标来确保高质量标准。 根据压印和材料的种类,我们可以标记15 - 20件/分钟。

Thanks to constant set up of temperature, time and pressure we are able to ensure high quality standard by marking on this machine. We are able to mark 15 - 20 pieces / minute according to measures of stamp and kind of material.