Avio Aero是GE航空业务的领导者,在民用和军用航空部件和系统的设计,制造和维护方面处于领先地位。 Avio Aero行动是整个通用电气集团在机械变速箱和低压涡轮机领域的卓越中心。总部和重要的植物在都灵,Pomigliano d'Arco(那不勒斯)和布林迪西。


在世界各地,公司拥有约4,700名员工(仅在意大利约有4.000名员工),在波兰,巴西和中国也有工厂。 Avio Aero的历史可以追溯到1908年,一个多世纪以来,该公司一直处于无数技术挑战的前沿,通过不断的研究和开发投资,并感谢与主要国际大学建立了牢固的关系网络的支持,研究中心。


Avio Aero已经发展了一个在全球层面上得到承认的技术和制造领导力,这也是与航空业中一些最重要的参与者建立的伙伴关系所证明的。

Avio Aero
,GE Aviation business, is a leading player in the design, manufacture and maintenance of civil and military aeronautics components and systems. Avio Aero acts is the center of excellence for the entire General Electric Group in the field of mechanical transmissions and low-pressure turbines. The head office and important plants are in Turin, Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples) and Brindisi.


Around the world, the company has approximately 4,700 employees, ( about 4.000 only in Italy) and has plants also in Poland, Brazil and China. Avio Aero’s history dates back to 1908, and for more than a century the company has been at the forefront of countless technological challenges, through its constant investments in research and development and thanks to the support of an established network of relationships with major international universities and research centers.


Avio Aero has developed a technological and manufacturing leadership that is acknowledged at a global level, as also borne out by the partnerships struck with some of the most important players in the aeronautics industry.


Marking technology used


该领域需要大量的经验和关注,以便在每个工作过程之后对材料的强度进行严格测试的部件的精细度。 一切为用户或旅客的安全保证。

激光是一种非常通用的标记工具,可远程编程,通过制作千分尺标记非常适合这些需求。 其连接和特殊软件的开发确保了对严格控制的生产阶段的长期跟踪。


The excellence in aviation technology requires a special attention even for the marking operation, as an integral and significant part of the production process.

The field requires a lot of experience and attention for the delicacy of the components that pass severe tests about the strength of the material after each working process. Everything as safety guarantee for the users or travelers.

The laser is a very versatile marking tool, remotely  programmable, which is well suited to these needs by making a micrometer marking. Its connecions and the development of  special software ensure the long-term tracking of the production phases that are strictly controlled.

Again, for small batches or technology selection , are used low-stress characters, with small  dots that do not create cracks on the surface or dot peen systems, always with  low impact characters.