ALNO AG是德国领先的厨房家具制造商之一。 公司在Pfullendorf的基地拥有约1,787名员工,在Enger,Brilon和Coswig-Klieken工作。 除了在德国的四个生产基地,它还在其他国家有三个子公司。 ALNO AG自2005年以来在阿联酋迪拜也有一个生产基地。这使得ALNO成为欧洲第一家在中东拥有生产基地,专门满足当地市场需求的厨房生产商。 ALNO还与64个国家的约7000家销售合作伙伴开展合作。

ALNO AG is one of the leading kitchen furniture manufacturers in Germany. The company employs around 1,787 people at its base in Pfullendorf and the works in Enger, Brilon and Coswig-Klieken. In addition to the four production sites in Germany, it also has three subsidiaries in other countries. ALNO AG has also had a production site in Dubai, UAE, since 2005. This makes ALNO the first kitchen manufacturer in Europe to have a production facility in the Middle East specifically for local market requirements. ALNO also has co-operations with around 7,000 sales partners in 64 countries.

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