凭借在使用钢铁方面获得的专业知识,Aeternum已经学会了自己的历史的自豪感,也有勇气成长和改变。新产品的领先价值与始终如一的耐用性,质量,可靠性相同,以强调Aeternum的根基 - 但品牌战略改变,以充分追求当代烹饪的哲学:创新和技术先进的解决方案,使它成为炊具领域的明星,如Ceramic Ok和最新的Petravera女士系列,其特点是创新的不粘涂层“石头效应”。


品牌Aeternum是Bialetti Industrie SpA集团的一部分

Known for values such as innovation, design and reliability, since 1938 Aeternum is synonymous of inoxidable resistance.


Since the '60s the brand acquires wide reputation in the field of cookware and in particular of the pressure cookers, a category of product placed on the market thanks to Aeternum.


The first model, Astral, is made entirely of stainless steel and from then on the brand will be identified with the figure of the famous "King Steel".

With the expertise gained in the use of steel, Aeternum has learned the pride of their own history but also the courage to grow and change. The leading values of the new products are the same as always - durability, quality, reliability, to emphasize the solidity of the roots of Aeternum - but the brand strategy changes to adequately pursue the philosophy of Contemporary Cooking: innovative and technologically advanced solutions, that have made it a star in the cookware field, as the range Ceramic Ok and the latest line Madame Petravera characterized by an innovative non-stick coating "stone effect".


The brand Aeternum is part of the group Bialetti Industrie SpA 

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