ABARTH  意大利阿巴斯股份有限公司

ABARTH 意大利阿巴斯股份有限公司



该公司的现代继任者由卡尔·阿巴斯(Karl Abarth)于1949年创立,是赛车运动世界的传奇人物。自2007年重新推出以来,该品牌一直在生产越野跑车。

specializes in performance modification and the brand’s philosophy centers around empowering customers and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The modern successor of the company founded in 1949 by Karl Abarth – a legend in the world of motorsport – this brand has been producing on-road sports cars since its relaunch in 2007.

Marking technology used


冲击技术 - 对于平坦表面,即使在工件上进行工业加工后也能获得深度标记和可识别的标记。

滚动技术 - 用于圆形表面,带有快速和深入的标记,无需可选轴的辅助。

Dot Peen技术 - 针对每种类型的表面,具有与业务跟踪系统的接口标记。 产品的可追溯性从其诞生,并通过其生命的所有生产步骤,直到销售到最终客户。

激光技术 - 对于每种类型的金属,具有工业代码的对比标记,易于重排,其将很多单个零件的识别数据集中在非常小的区域中。

has used all kind of marking technologies, for the identification of all automotive components, to transmit warranty and originality of the brand.

Impact technology - for the flat surfaces, obtaining a deep marking and recognizable marking even after industrial working on pieces.

Rolling technology - for round surfaces, with markings fast and deep, without the aid of optional axes.

Dot peen technology - for each type of surface, with interfacing markings with business tracking systems. Traceability of product is guaranteed from its birth, and through all production steps of its life, until the sale to final customer.

Laser technology - for each type of metal, with contrasting markings of industrial codes, easily readeable, that concentrate many identification data of the single piece in a very small area.