35年来,设备的创新和质量使Antal造船厂闻名,设计师,帆船和船舶产品来自世界各地的分销商。 每个项目都是设计,制造和组装就位。 Antal在帆船设备甲板上提供了1000多种的完整解决方案。 Antal在种族的环境中传播,就像在批量生产中那样,用于豪华和经典设计。

For over 35 years, innovation and quality of the equipment Antal are known to shipyards, designers, sailmakers and distributors of boats products from around the world. Each item is designed, manufactured and assembled in place. Antal offers a complete catalogue of more than 1000 articles on the equipment deck for sailboats. Antal has spread in the environments of the races, as in those of series production,for luxury and classic designs.

Marking technology used

激光标记 -

激光技术是质量和灵活性最高的标志,你可以得到,你可以体验。 它用于工业标记,标记代码,如Datamatrix或QR码,跟踪产品,还有高度美观的标记,可以改善或美化产品。 即使目的是一种沟通/营销,激光打标也有眼睛的特权。



Laser technology is the highest marking in quality and flexibility that you can get and you can experience. It is used for industrial marking , marking codes such as Datamatrix or QR-Code, tracking products but also for highly aesthetic markings that can improve or beautify the product. Even when the purpose is a sort of communication / marketing , laser marking has an eye privilege.

And here are the three major characteristics of laser marking (and all our other systems) : laser marking is permanent , indelible and anti-counterfeit.