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The laser cutter is essential for extremely precise jobs and now it is widely used in many industries. Whether it be laser marking for identifying a product or any deeper laser engraving, the fundamental thing is to have efficient and professional tools. So, if your intention is to carry out laser etching of any type, don’t waste time and money with low quality machines, but trust the industry experts in laser cutting services.

Automator, innovative and high quality laser machine

The Automator laser engraver is the best solution available on the market. By guaranteeing maximum safety and quick execution, this laser engraving machine allows for the engraving of any material with the utmost precision. The new Automator technology in laser cutting has even produced the world’s smallest marking laser. This is a laser cutting machine equipped with frequency self-adjustment that can mark up to a power comparable to 20W, thereby allowing an implementation that is both low-cost and high performance.

There are many models available, and they all share the guarantee of the Automator trademark: from the light compact high powered laser to the most common benchtop system of laser cut. Each laser cutter machine is equipped with standard sources and intuitive software that has open parameters, allowing you to optimize the system based on the material to be engraved.

Automator, three words that won’t scare you: marker laser prices

If you are looking for a low-cost laser marker, Automator knows how to please you. This is one of the winning aspects of the company since, without neglecting the quality factor of laser equipment, it offers a range of possibilities for all types of budgets such as custom laser, fiber laser, laser for etching stainless steel, laser for labels, industrial handheld marking laser and laser printing machine. See our laser goggles and  too.


Pulsed Fiber Laser Fybra 22-33-54W - Class 4 - Integration VIS lasers markers

FYBRA produced by Automator is an extremely comfortable modular laser system for deeper markings which can be used also for engraving glasses.

400x335x175 mm


VIS - Yvo4 laser source "all in one", metal marking machine - Class 4 - Integration VIS lasers markers

Automator produces metal marking machine like Yvo4 laser source: compact and versatile laser unit, with a perfect integration of electronics.

(LxHxW) 360x173x177 mm


Arena - Benchtop Laser Marking System - Class 1

Class 1 benchtop laser marking system

Open -  780x550x1130                                                               
Closed - 780x550x760



Industrial Laser Marking nanoVISII - Class 4 - Integration VIS lasers markers

The nanoVISII produced by Automator is a revolutionary compact laser unit that yields results comparable to much more expensive units in a compact.

167hx283lx163w mm


Laser marker GreenVis - Class 4

Laser Yvo4 - Green

(LxHxP) 360x173x177 mm


Omega ...or not Omega! - Class 1 - Benchtop Laser Marking System - Class 1

Loading area 340x340 mm. Discover the low cost version!

(LxHxW) 360x661x580 mm


Regina - Class 1 - Benchtop Laser Marking System - Class 1

Loading area 400x400 mm

(LxHxW) 1000x738x603 mm


Superior - Class 1 - Benchtop Laser Marking System - Class 1

Loading area 800x800 mm

(LxHxW) 1800x1980x940 mm


Vis Hand Held (HH) Portable laser cutter - Class 4 - Portable

Take a look at our revolutionary handheld laser cutter, an ideal tool for engraving and marking on metal, plastic, wood and more.

(LxHxW) VIS 360x173x167 mm


Vis-P - Portable

Laser IVO4

(LxHxW) VIS 360x173x167 mm