Laser technology is the highest marking in quality and flexibility that you can get and you can experience. It is used for industrial marking , marking codes such as Datamatrix or QR-Code, tracking products but also for highly aesthetic markings that can improve or beautify the product. Even when the purpose is a sort of communication / marketing , laser marking has an eye privilege.

And here are the three major characteristics of laser marking (and all our other systems) : laser marking is permanent , indelible and anti-counterfeit 

Many privileges anyway ... but the cost ?

Automator, which has always designed and manufactured its marking systems, has introduced a new technology YVO4 laser @ 1060 very powerful but also very economical, a-Wave - Tech ™ with auto- frequency regulation: it marks plastics as a 10W and blackens metals as a 20W.

Besides a-Wave ™ technology , Automator has all the other laser marking technology, CO2, Green, Intra, UV,  YVO4 @1064

Three are the big laser families:

  • Class 1 lasers
  • Lasers for integration
  • Handheld lasers

Fybra 22-33-54W - Integration - Benchtop

Pulsed fiber laser ideal for heavy duty markings

400x335x175 mm


nanoVIS - Integration

Revolutionary technology with self-adjustable frequency

(LxHxW) 283x167x163 mm


VIS - Integration

Yvo4 laser source, "all in one"

(LxHxW) 360x173x177 mm


Arena - Benchtop

Class 1 benchtop laser marking system

Open -  780x550x1130                                                               
Closed - 780x550x760



Omega ...or not Omega! - Benchtop

Loading area 340x340 mm. Discover the low cost version!

(LxHxW) 360x661x580 mm


Regina - Benchtop

Loading area 400x400 mm

(LxHxW) 1000x738x603 mm


Superior - Benchtop

Loading area 800x800 mm

(LxHxW) 1800x1980x940 mm


Vis-P - Portable

Laser IVO4

(LxHxW) VIS 360x173x167 mm